My Story

I'm lucky enough to be engaged to my high school sweet heart. We've been together for 10 years and are now on the same page.We're getting married and wanting to start a family! I've waited so many years for him to be on the same page as me, and now that we're both ready I am so excited!

I've spent years wishing on wish chips, shooting stars, wish bones...You name it and I've probably made a wish on it. It has taken years for these wishes to become a reality, and I still have a lot of wishing left to do.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015, but I didn't take my diagnosis seriously. We weren't trying to have children so I didn't really care. My condition has gotten worse and I am no longer ovulating at all. So no matter how many times we do the baby dance, my chance of pregnancy is almost moot (except for random potential ovulation). To top it all off, I have low progesterone levels.

I'm creating this blog as an outlet for my frustrations, fears, excitement...for my journey as my fiancee and I work on and wish for our little family. I'm dedicating myself to lifestyle changes and working my butt off (literally) as I lose weight and improve my diet - which is crucial to managing my PCOS and increasing my fertility.

My Plan:
1. Workout 30 minutes a day with Beachbody workouts
2. Drink dense nutrition (whether that be Shakeology or Vega One)
3. Eat portion-controlled meals
4. Wish on wish chips
5. Take metformin (and any other medication as needed)
6. Kick butt in everything I do!

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