Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scale vs Non Scale Victories

I made a promise to myself when I started 21 Day Fix a week ago, and that promise was to not weigh myself until the end of the program! I *really* struggle with this any time I do a workout program. I kick butt throughout the first week and give in to the little voice in my closet begging me to jump onto him (my scale). I try to resist, and eventually I give in. I drag the cold glass scale from my closet where it's kept hidden to resist daily weigh-ins. I strip down to my birthday suit, and carefully step onto the scale. I weigh myself once. Twice. Three times. It's only then that I feel like I have my true weight and that the scale isn't screwing with me.

You'd think that weighing myself would be cause for more motivation, but it usually turns into this cycle of angry, berating self-talk. My entire day can be changed by what the scale says. By the way I'm talking you'd think that the scale doesn't show any weight loss. This isn't true! I could have lost 1, 2, or 3 pounds and for whatever reason it doesn't feel like it's enough. Like somehow my hard work doesn't equate to the small pounds lost.

I know that losing a pound a week is great, and anything more than double that could *potentially* be unhealthy. I just always feel like I should have lost ten pounds in a week...unrealistic, I know. So that is why I'm not weighing myself until the end of the program. Instead, I'm focusing on Non Scale Victories or NSV for short.

I've completed week one of 21 Day Fix today, and I'm loving it...and hating it! I love how hard it is, but I struggle to get my mind into wanting to work out every day. Once I'm working out, I love it. I'm attempting to work Shakeology into my meals every day and follow the portion containers in, too - but more on that in another post. Today I want to talk about those amazing Non Scale Victories!

This week, my NSV's are:
1. I can bend down and not get out of breath!!! This includes tying my boots or picking something up
2. I'm more flexible than I was a week ago, and can bend further during stretches
3. Energy! My energy level has improved. I still want to chill on the couch watching movies, but if I want to do something else the energy is there for it.
4. I swear my tummy isn't as large...Maybe it's less bloat, but it feels a little bit smaller than last week!
5. I'm listening to my body and paying attention to the little ques it gives me.
6. I have LESS muscle soreness the day after working out!! My coach said this is a good sign!

No matter how much weight I did or did not lose, I know I am making progress.

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